Software Engineering and Salesforce (Brooks Johnson)Great Salesforce Developer content in an easy-to-understand presentation
Coding with the Force (Matt Gerry)Extensive collection of content and YouTube videos for development topics.
Joys of Apex (James Simone)Excellent developer concept walkthroughs and ideas. (Mitch Spano)Top-notch and original developer content
Salesforce Insights (Meera Nair)Mix of in-depth looks at developer and admin topics.
ApexHours (many)Well-known developer and admin content with a side array of resources.
Jitendra Zaa (Jitendra Zaa)Developer-centric resources.
SFDC Panther (Amit Singh)Tons of SFDC Dev resources and components.
Andy in the Cloud (Andrew Fawcett)Best of the best! Highly suggest all of his books as well.
Bob Buzzard (Keir Bowden)Another legend – great dev resources.
SFDC99 (David Liu)Collection of Salesforce resources across multiple domains.
SalesforceCodex (Dhanik Sahni)Wide-ranging developer resources with integration, Apex, and LWC topics.
Salesforce Facts by Abhishek (Abhishek Saha)Bite-sized snippets of technical tips & tricks.

UnofficialSF (Alex Edelstein, Adam White, Josh Dayment, Eric Smith, and many others) Best collection of Salesforce tools marrying declarative and programmatic solutions.
forcePanda (Narender Singh)Weekly submissions of unique solutions to tricky declarative and programmatic issues.
Automation Champion (Rakesh Gupta)Top collection of tools, with special focus on Flow, Process Builder, etc. and mixing declarative with programmatic solutions.
AccidentalCoder (Vibhor Goel)Lots of great Flow content. (Jennifer W Lee)Great collection of automation tools, with specific focus on declarative implementations.
Salesforce Ben (Ben McCarthy and crew)Very well known – Assorted Salesforce updates, resources, training, etc.
Simply SFDC (Johan Yu)Top blog with Admin focus.
Step by Step How To Guides on Salesforce (Ashish Agarwal)Incredible collection of guides on Admin and Developer topics.
Cloud Johann (Johann Furmann)Interesting mix of admin, developer, architect, and ecosystem musings.

MoreCPQ (Dennis Palmer)Tons of useful Salesforce CPQ content
Milo Massimo (Maria Warheit)Revenue Cloud topics galore.
Satyam Tiwari Tutorial (Satyam Tiwary)Vlocity tutorials on YouTube. I am not a Vlocity expert, but seems to be interesting content.

Datatable – Flow (Eric Smith)Go-to for Flow screen datatable.
lwc-utils (James Hou)LWC components including soqlDatatable and collectionDatatable
Apex Trigger Actions Framework (Mitch Spano)Full order of execution control across Apex and Flow.
Improved File Upload – Flow (Josh Dayment & Ryan Mercer)Really useful component for easily managing files.

Book / AuthorSummary
Becoming a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (Tameem Bahri)Excellent architecture guide. Presented with a view towards the CTA, the book is jam-packed with useful information across the Salesforce landscape.
Salesforce Lightning Platform Enterprise Architecture (Andrew Fawcett)Approaches and patterns of modern Salesforce development. Follows examples throughout to demonstrate and reinforce concepts.
Advanced Apex Programming in Salesforce (Dan Appleman)I have the fourth edition, but have linked the fifth. Great developer resource highlighting best practices in the environment.
Salesforce Platform Governance Method (Lee Harding & Lee Bayliss)I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read the book, but the companion site has excellent resources/links as recommended by Juha Lassila
SalesforceIndex (Kristian Jørgensen)Consolidated internal and external resource links.

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