The Most Important Lightning Component Ever…

“When will 2020 finally end?” We have all been hearing this a lot. Until a few minutes ago I had no idea, and I’m sure you still don’t know. But the days of looking foolish in front of our coworkers and customers are over.

Introducing the first key component in what will surely not evolve into the next great Salesforce managed package — ‘enough2020™’.

Just drag and drop this LWC in ANY of your Lightning Page builders and immediately slay the days of confusion, and concurrently supercharge that WFH productivity.

‘What is this going to cost me’ you’re surely asking? Only your pride for not having thought of it yourself. And once 2020 is finally over, you can leave this up just to keep everyone at ease.

Unfortunately I don’t have unlimited blocks of 5 minutes on Saturdays so it may be a while until I can package up those next critical pieces:

  • Validation rules that prevent any 2020 dates for the following:
    • Opportunity close
    • Revenue recognition
    • Billing without 100% discount
    • Scheduling a Service Appointment
    • Opportunity Stages that include the word ‘Won’
  • Einstein Temperature Checker
  • Fake Zoom call background that makes the family think you’re on yet another very important call (this one may not be necessary).

Source Code (very serious):

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