Flow Component – Rich Text Input

Unofficial SF has posted my first contribution to their incredible collection of components! I only have 99 to go to get ‘even’ for the use I have gotten from this library.

Many thanks to Alex Edelstein for guiding me through this process. To put it simply —

Good ? Alex : Nick

Also shoutout to Narender Singh for platforming the original iteration of this component!

Blog Post is here: https://unofficialsf.com/nick-sauer-adds-smart-word-processing-features-to-rich-text-input/

**Note there is a bug for empty rich text value input. This is pending merge of pull request, and in the interim you can put ‘ ‘ as input if you want an empty starting spot!**

Source Code here: https://github.com/alexed1/LightningFlowComponents/tree/master/flow_screen_components/richTextInputFSC

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